We’re always on the lookout for home remedies and beauty tricks which is why apple cider vinegar is always on our list.


Three-quarters of people in the UK sleep less than seven hours per night, while 12% snooze for less than five hours. So you’re eating clean, exercising, you’re having your Déesse LED mask treatments.

How to avoid Summer acne

The sun’s out, you’re out with friends and it’s the perfect picture opportunity – except – you had a breakout last week and you couldn’t control it. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare.

5 tips to improve your beauty regime

We’re always looking to improve our beauty regime – whether it’s a new makeup hack, a new miracle vitamin or another set of treatments with our Déesse LED mask.

4 ways a Déesse mask transforms you

It’s available to buy for yourself but you could also pop into one of our clinics for a treatment making the mask versatile and perfect for any occasion.

3 easy life hacks to stop oily skin

With it being #wisdomwednesday we decided to share some of our expert tips in order to fight oily skin and have you feeling fresh-faced all of the time.

Winter beauty tips to get super Spring skin

Maybe you took part in Dry January and started your year off with a good detox and want to step it up a level with a new beauty regime.

How to get the red carpet look with Déesse

Endless pictures of flawless complexions which gives you the sense of an unachievable look even with the high-resolution cameras bearing down on them.

Could charcoal be a new must-have?

It has so many benefits from whitening teeth to relieving headaches but the main attraction seems to be it’s ability to fight bacteria that causes acne.

Why you need to start using Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E oil is a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that can rejuvenate your skin and overall health and it’s very versatile – either lather it on your skin or swallow it in a capsule.

Kim’s ‘Holy Grail’ of beauty treatments

That’s why she refers to her Déesse LED mask as her ‘holy grail’ of home treatments.


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