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Discover how our treatment mode 4 helps with post-procedure recovery

Discover how our treatment mode 4 helps with post-procedure recovery

By SK: The Deesse Pro has been developed by the original market leaders within the LED Mask industry. This mask is maximising its use of Low-Level-Light-Therapy, also known as LLLT.

The LLLT comprises of various wavelengths – and some of the wavelengths have certain visible colours plus some which are not visible to the naked eye. But it is the power of the penetration of the LLLTs and interaction within the cells of the skin, where the true magic and science begins.

We make use of 4 different wavelengths and it is these four that have numerous clinical validations and backing behind their efficacy and ability to effect desired changes within the skin.

It is a very subtle art when it comes to the manipulation of wavelengths. Any subtle change in frequency and you find yourself at an utterly different depth. Efficiency is paramount and it is something we pride ourselves with at Deesse. The sheer brilliance of our LLLT mask technology is truly revolutionary and clinically impactful on skin condition outcomes.

Our wavelengths consist of 415Nm which can be seen to be Blue in colour, 520 Nm which is visibly Green in colour, 630 Nm which is Red in colour and finally 830Nm which has no visible colour.

The combination of these wavelengths has allowed us to create 6 powerful treatment modes.

Using just these 4 wavelengths synergistically and strategically we can effect certain desired changes within the skin:


  • Mode 1 – Rejuvenating
  • Mode 2 – Purifying
  • Mode 3 -Brightening
  • Mode 4 -Post procedure
  • Mode 5 -Calming
  • Mode 6 – Anti-Ageing express

I would like to pay special attention to Mode 4, Post Procedure. This mode is an exceptionally interesting mode. It is a combination of the Red, Blue and Near Infrared (NIR) wavelengths.

This combination specialises in improving skin clarity by utilising the blue light which helps to regulate the sebum production within the skin and help to kill off acne causing bacteria.

The red light helps to reduce inflammation within the skin and also helps to encourage collagen and elastin synthesis, whilst the Near Infrared (NIR) helps to repair damaged cells and speed up healing. It also helps to improve the appearance of scarring and is beneficial in optimising cellular integrity.

With this powerhouse of collagen stimulation, wound healing and repairing capabilities, Mode 4 is a great, at home, addition after having any procedures in clinic.

It is also a fantastic injectable partner; the synergistic wavelength combination will help to heal the injection site faster and reduce the risk of bruising. Should the skin already have bruised, Mode 4 will most definitely help to clear this faster.

Mode 4 is safe to use after most facial treatments, but always check first with your practitioner. This mode is my personal favourite to combine with at home facials. I often make use of this mode after I have done my Triple Cleanse using the iS Clinical Cream Cleanser, Cleansing Complex and Warming Honey Cleanser.

I follow this combination with the Triactive Exfoliating Masque which I leave on for 3-5 minutes and then finally the Hydra Intensive Cooling Masque, which I leave on for 10 minutes and then follow with the Deesse Pro LED Mask for 15 minutes.

After this combination, my skin looks refreshed, revived – and has the most AMAZING glow. I also use Mode 4 when my skin is feeling a little sensitive and has started to break out.

I feel like mode 4 should also be called the ‘Maske’ saviour mode because it has truly helped to calm down the inflammation and sensitivity caused by the friction of mask wearing against my skin during covid-19 in 2020. Making use of this mode daily I have found my healing capability and thee cellular integrity of my skin has improved immensely.

If you would like further advice on how to best utilise an appropriate treatment plan, please contact myself or a fellow skin care specialist at

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