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Introducing the ultimate skin multi-tasker

Light Therapy Mask on woman in office. Relaxation.

By Abigail Rawle: The Déesse Pro LED light therapy mask is a game changer within the aesthetics industry. Featuring scientific light principles utilised by NASA, this light therapy is medically recognised and clinically proven through independent studies, and embraces over 40 years of scientific research and support. Déesse Pro uses Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) by way of high-quality, surface-mounted, light emitting diodes (LED’s) in 4 variations to expose the skin to 4 wavelengths of light. Once applied to your skin, LED will effectively change how your skin cells respond overall, treating a variety of skin concerns.

NASA utilised LED in space, originally to assist with plant growth. However, they quickly found it was also increasing the skins ability to heal wounds due to improving the reproduction of healthy cells. LED Light Therapy is also a well known to treat SAD Syndrome (Seasonal Affective Disorder) due to the shortage of daylight which occurs mainly in the winter months and helps to increase serotonin levels or ‘Happy Hormones’ – so why not treat your skin and improve your mood all at once!

Featuring a total of 770 LEDs, the Déesse PRO LED Light Therapy Mask is the most powerful mask on the market, with 154 bulbs of each colour to provide maximum results, the masks proximity to the skin will increase light absorption. The Mask has been manufactured to ensure a comfortable experience with a lightweight design and soft rubber around the eyes to ensure no marks are left on the skin.

With the option of adding Near Infra Red (NIR) to all modes with the Mask; NIR helps to boost the metabolism, essential to get the skin working efficiently. It has a recharging or ‘battery effect’ to rejuvenate the skin; reduce collagen loss and promote scar healing. When looking at the benefits of infra-red, it offers gentle soothing and warming effects to the tissue, offering benefits that can ease joint pain, help with absorption of topicals and gently reduce healing time after certain procedures.

The Déesse PRO LED Light Therapy Mask will treat most, if not all key skin concerns over its six different treatment modes:

  • Mode 1 – Anti Ageing – for reducing lines, wrinkles and increasing collagen synthesis
  • Mode 2 – Purifying- for any acne, oil or problematic skin concerns
  • Mode 3 – Brightening- for any hyperpigmentation, scarring or age Spots
  • Mode 4 – Post Injectable- for post injectable treatments to increase healing time and decrease inflammation and bruising
  • Mode 5 – Calming- for ANY inflammation, rosacea and sensitive skins
  • Mode 6 – Express Anti-Ageing- super charge any treatment above with this double strength treatment, reducing the signs of ageing in half the time!

 Read more about each treatment mode here.

CE Certification shows that we as the manufacturer have checked that the Déesse PRO LED Light Therapy Mask meets EU safety, health and environmental requirements. The Déesse PRO LED Light Therapy mask also comes with one year’s complimentary warranty to support your ongoing journey with Déesse.

If you have any skin concerns that you wish to discuss with myself or one of our other skincare specialists, please feel free to email us at


Read more about each treatment mode and what light therapy does here.

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