LIFT: Firm & Contour Ritual

Focus: A combination of micro-movements that work on the facial muscles to lift, contour and redefine the jawline, cheekbones and brow. 

Treatment: A 15-minute face routine using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (Mode 1 or 2) to contract and relax the facial muscles and improve their strength and tone. 

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GLOW: Firm & Smooth Ritual

Focus: Boost collagen production to Tighten & Glow.

Treatment: A 15 minute face routine using Radio frequency and LED technology to stimulate and renew the skins collagen production for a brighter, tighter complexion. Providing the ultimate skin boost and glow.

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DEFINE: Sculpt & Hydrate Ritual

Focus: Boost collagen production and tighten muscles in the lower face and neck for the ultimate skin boost.

Treatment: A 12-minute lower face routine using TriGen: Radio Frequency, LED & Electrical Muscle Stimulation technology to lift, firm & tone the lower face.​

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