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Red LED Light Therapy - Déesse PRO

By SK: One of our personal heroes comes in the form of our Déesse PRO Light Therapy mask offering not only all the benefits of LED light therapy, but with the added advantage of combining Near Infra Red to each treatment mode.

Déesse the “Goddess of light” offers a truly unique and inclusive treatment experience for those who are advanced in their skin health approach, and are results driven, wanting to take their skin care regimes to the next level.

To truly appreciate the true beauty and intelligence of this technology and the multitude of benefits it has for us both aesthetically and for general skin health, we must first dive into the background of what it is, and how it will affect changes within the skin.


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The research and accessibility of LED stretches back to the 1800’s and modern-day scientist have proven the effectiveness of this cutting-edge technology, down to the closest nano-meter in the skin.


Also known as “IR”, this is a deep penetrating, colourless wavelength that is designed to stimulate collagen and speed up healing time. It offers gentle soothing and warming effects to the tissues. Other benefits include repairs to damaged cells and help to increase cell-functioning which in turn allows with absorption of products and gently reduction of the appearance of fine lines and scarring.


When we think of light, our minds may slip into thinking about everyday light, and how could this possibly be beneficial to optimise my skin health and function, and in turn gaining aesthetically pleasing outcomes.

The answer is in the customisation of the technology that makes it so interesting and unique. These wavelengths after many years of research has been refined to levels that can be adapted to our client’s skin health needs. These wavelengths are clinically-proven to interact with the cellular tissues on different levels to effect desired changes.

The mixture of LED and Near Infrared (NIR) will meet all treatment and skin treatment requirements from acne skins, to compromised skin barrier functioning.

Déesse PRO LED Light Therapy mask, being small and light weight, is adaptable to be implemented in various ways either working alongside other modalities that we find in clinic from micro current to micro-needling.

Déesse PRO LED Light Therapy mask, offers that truly bespoke treatment journey and can be easily incorporated within an everyday lifestyle. It can be used to prep the skin before having treatments. It can also be used post procedure to speed up healing times, improve clinical outcomes, and it can be used in conjunction with your skin care wardrobe to maximise absorbency and efficiency of your active ingredients. But most importantly it keeps the skin glowing and youthful, all year round.

If you would like further advice on how to best utilise an appropriate treatment plan, please contact myself or a fellow skin care specialist at


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