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The 6 treatment modes of Déesse PRO explained

The 6 treatment modes of Déesse PRO explained

By Abigail Rawle: The Deesse Pro LED Mask has a multitude of wavelengths, which can target many different skin concerns. The Deesse PRO will effectively teach your skin cells how to respond differently to improve relative skin concerns overall for skin health and integrity.

To aid maximum light absorption, the Deesse Pro is best used on a clean, dry skin, applying your chosen topicals post application of the Deesse Pro treatment. Committing to 15-30 minutes (5-15 minutes for Mode 6) at least twice a week for the first four weeks and then just once a week for maintenance will optimise your results with the Deesse Pro. You can mix and match the modes to treat your skin concerns should you wish, however if you have a specific concern it would be best to focus on this when you start skincare treatments.

Mode 1: Anti Ageing – Red Light

This is used to treat visible signs of ageing on the skin such as fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen and elastin which are essential for the skins structure and integrity. This increases the skin’s natural hydration to improve texture and tone. Studies have shown a 200% increase in human collagen synthesis and the growth rate of fibroblast cells (responsible for creating collagen & elastin) which are increased by 50-75% after just 2-3 days from application of the Deesse LED light therapy.

Mode 2: Purifying – Blue Light

This is most often used to treat acne. Mode 2 will reduce the activity in the sebaceous glands. Blue light will target these oil glands and make them less active, reducing acne breakouts. It will also prevent any acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin, thus helping to treat severe acne, including cysts and nodules as well as being anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

Mode 3: Brightening – Green Light

Mode 3 helps to improve both superficial and dermal hyperpigmentation or ‘dark spots’ that are found on the skin. Green LED light targets melanocytes (the melanin-producing cells in the basal layer of the epidermis), inhibiting tyrosinase activity so that less melanin travels to the skin’s surface. In addition, green light breaks up existing melanin clusters present in the upper layers of the epidermis. It is important when treating hyperpigmentation to provide a multi-targeted approach to lightening the pigmentation with the support of additional ‘at home’ topicals using key active ingredients to target pigmentation such as Kojic Acid.

Mode 4: Post Injectable Procedure – Pink Light

This tri-wave mode harnesses the power of three lights: red, blue and near-infrared (NIR), to
increase the healing of the inject point, minimise bruising, calm inflammation and overall prolong the results of the treatment, by increasing collagen and elastin. Mode4 can be used immediately, post injectable treatment. However, this would not be recommended post ablative aesthetic treatment such as chemical peeling or laser treatment.

Mode 5: Calming- Light Blue Light

This combines dual lights, with both blue and green wavelengths to target any inflammation, redness, or sensitivities in the skin. It is excellent for fragile, compromised skin, redness, flushing and telangiectasia (broken capillaries) and all benefit from this wavelength. The skin should feel immediately calm and less irritated. This mode is the most beneficial for post ablative cosmetic procedures to minimise any potential Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and instantly soothes any redness.

Mode 6: Express Anti-Ageing – Red Light

Double the strength of Mode 1, Mode 6 utilises 308 LEDs, making this mode the MOST powerful treatment mode. It is the ultimate treatment for improving fine lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity and enhances overall hydration and brightness. Thee Mode 6 Red Light is perfect for those who are time-limited, as it is best used for between 5-15 minutes, or by super-charging one of the previous modes to maximise your results.

Near infrared: Lightening Button

Near Infrared (or NIR), can be combined on all treatment modes, helping the skin to work more efficiently, providing a re-charging or ‘battery effect’ to rejuvenate the skin, reduce collagen loss and promote scar healing.

NIR would not be suitable for those with any inflammation or post ablative cosmetic procedure due to its heat-producing properties.

If you would like further advice on how to best utilise an appropriate treatment plan, please contact myself or a fellow skin care specialist at

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