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Why Déesse PRO?

Why Déesse PRO?


Hailed as "the gold standard" by Vogue and the "best LED face mask for a salon standard treatment" by Glamour, Déesse PRO is the world's original and the most famous LED phototherapy offering.

Renowned for its superior performance, ability to target a wide range of dermatological concerns and its clinic-grade results, it is coveted by practitioners, celebrities, skin enthusiasts and consumers alike.

Discover why Déesse PRO:


Proximity is power:

Our hard shell mask delivers increased absorbency rates of light due to the close proximity to the skin vs 'canopy style' devices.

As light degrades over distance our mask ensures that the maximum amount of light is absorbed into the skin, significantly reducing 'light leakage' and ensuring the best possible results for the patient.



One device for a lifetime of needs:

With 4 wavelengths, the combination of these and the number of modes enables our device to treat a multitude of skin conditions across a wide range of consumer age demographics.

The Déesse PRO can help with:

  • Acne
  • Dullness
  • Hormonal Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Eczema


Recommended by professionals, loved by celebrities:

Déesse PRO has developed a unique position with industry professionals as well as cult following from celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Jessica Alba and Chrissy Tiegan to name a few.


Practical & Portable:

This lightweight and portable nature of the Déesse PRO make it an ideal tool to use wherever you are. Whilst not in use, it can be displayed with our NEW Display Stand for ease of access and to showcase your luxury #skinvestment.


Most effective wavelengths:

We use the most superior wavelengths of clinically proven Red and Blue light therapy, as well as Green and NIR (near-infrared) light to ensure you achieve the best results.


The Déesse PRO is a device like no other. Make the ultimate #Skinvestment today.

Understand HOW LED light therapy works here.

Read about our treatment modes here.

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