The Power of PRO

The Power of PRO
Déesse PRO is the original, iconic hard shell format LED light therapy device, featuring four clinically proven wavelengths of light and six powerful treatment modes. We are trusted and loved across the globe for our efficacious treatments and reliable results, but why would you choose our devices over our competitors? This blog will explain why we are the world leaders in LED light therapy and highlight the differences between our devices and our competitors.

1) Proximity is Power - The iconic, world-first hard shell format of the PRO by Déesse PRO allows for the closest proximity of the bulbs to the skin, thus ensuring minimum light loss and maximum penetration. Many of our competitors have canopy formats, and as the inverse square law of light states that light is lost over distance and time, they cannot provide even dispersal of light or sufficient power from the LED to the skin.

2) Most Effective Wavelengths - Déesse PRO only use specific, clinically proven wavelengths of light to stimulate natural cellular responses, excelling skin treatment and renewal on a deeper level than skincare alone. The efficacy of our wavelengths has been widely independently researched and documented to give the skin and wellness benefits we claim. Sadly, not all of our competitors can say the same.

3) 770 Powerful Light Emitting Diodes - Quality (and sometimes!) quantity too. The PRO by Déesse PRO utilises 770 high-quality surface-mounted light-emitting diodes (LED) to ensure optimal and even light penetration across the entire face. Whilst all LEDs are not created equal, many of our competitors use fewer, lower-quality bulbs in their devices to reduce cost, directly impacting the efficacy of their treatments.

4) The Pioneers of Green Light Therapy - The original device to utilise the power of 4 wavelengths of light, rather than the 3. We believed in the power of green light before everyone else, including many scientists! Now clinically proven to break down pigmentation and regulate its production, improve redness, skin tone and texture and promote cell turnover and the formation of new blood cells, it gets the green light from us to deliver radiant, clear skin.

5) One Device for a Lifetime of Needs - Not only do we have more wavelengths than our competitors, but we also have more treatment modes! 6 to be precise, and we can treat everything from acne to anti-ageing and hyperpigmentation to post-injectable recovery. PRO by Déesse PRO will support you and your family through a lifetime of changing skin and wellness needs. It's safe, non-invasive and can be used on all ages, skin tones, and textures, with proven results and no downtime.

6) Loved by A-listers, Trusted by Professionals - Pioneering the intersection between in-clinic and at-home LED light therapy, Déesse PRO is the choice of medical professionals and beauty therapists within their businesses whilst being adored by our customers and celebrity fans, including Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba. Don't just take our word for it!

Step into the colourful world of Déesse PRO today and unlock the power of light!

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